Where were you born?

In the Netherlands. A small place called Blaricum, close to Amsterdam

What's your favourite quote?

"Its hard to beat a person who never gives up" Babe Ruth

Who got you into sailing?

I did! Through the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Saw a poster on the London Underground back in 2011 and that was it.

What's your favourite sailing moment?

Specifically: Setting foot back in St. Katherine's Dock, London, in 2014, officially completing a circumnavigation of the planet.

Generally: Helming and surfing downwind in big weather

What's the first boat you ever sailed?

A Clipper 60 (with our skipper Olly Cotterell)

What's the biggest lesson sailing has taught you?

Good or bad, there is nothing you can't get used to.

What makes you a Maverick?

Going from never having sailed before the age of 20 to now building a career in professional yacht racing.

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