Where were you born? 


Favourite quote?

"The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears or the sea." Isask Dinesen

Who got you into sailing?

Both my parents sail, so I was chucked out of my pram into a boat quite early on! 

What's your favourite sailing moment?

If the wind is howling, the spinnaker is up and we're surfing along with the dolphins towards the sunset, I'm definitely in a happy place! 

Although getting towed into the race village for the Mini Transat 2015, is definitely a special one for me. After 3 years of dedication and motivation to get to the start line, I made it - the race itself was a holiday! 

What's the first boat you ever sailed?

The family clinker, Curly Q, very much as a passenger, I first started out on my own in an Optimist, and then Cadets.

What's the biggest lesson sailing has taught you?

It's taught me to live...! There's a famous quote that says, worse things happen at sea, but quite frankly it's wrong! To me, sailing is freedom, the waves and the sound of the ocean keep me alive. 

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