RORC Caribbean 600. Foiling practic. 

Antigua, West Indies 2018

Rolex Middle Sea Race highlights 2017

Video credit: Waterline Media

What's it like to be onboard during race start?

We thought we'd take you along for the ride with this short clip from our onboard camera! #BeAMaverick #FollowTheStory

Find out what it's like to be onboard with Team Maverick during race start with this short clip from our onboard camera! #BeAMaverick #FollowTheStory

Getting our bum sprayed...

Harken check out our hardware

As the final days of refit draw to a close we catch up with the Harken team who kindly cam in to check out our awesome hardware. 

Okay it's not our best look, but it'll be worth it. You'd officially seen us in our underwear...

RORC Caribbean 600 race video

A sneak peak at our rather fancy kitchen

Our kitchen isn't exactly fancy, so we thought we'd share what meal time is like here on Maverick!

The Caribbean 600 may have not gone to plan...but we'll grow stronger and we'll be back #BeAMaverick 

RORC Transatlantic Race Start

Olly Cotterell Maverick exit interview

As Oliver Cotterell, one of our founding members, prepares to take a step back from Team Maverick in pursuit of new adventures, we take a moment to catch up with him on where it all began and where it's all going to go.

Take a dive on Maverick's hull

Having bumped into a few UFO's on a delivery our skipper Oliver Cotterell jumped overboard to check everything was okay. Lesson of the day? Check your bottom! #beamaverick #followthestory #sailing

What's it like to be a Maverick on the RORC Transatlantic Race?

Check out all the onboard action, filmed by the crew, in this latest review... #BeaMaverick #FollowTheStory

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Stu Bannatyne talks joining Team Maverick

Get insights from Stu, skipper Oliver Cotterell and crew Kees Postma on what it took to get to the start line and unleashing their ultimate weapon, their DSS foils!

The Rolex Middle Sea race begins

It's on! One of the first over the line and neck-in-neck with Rambler 88 and Wild Joe, check out Maverick's Rolex Middle Sea race start video highlights here...

What's it like to race a yacht with DSS foiling technology?

Ever wondered what it's like to race a yacht with DSS foiling technology? Team Maverick's crew give a behind the scenes insight into what it's like to reach epic speeds with dynamic stability system technology #beamaverick #followthestory

How well do you know your life jacket?

 Maverick skipper Olly Cotterell takes us through the essential safety features of our life jackets, what to look for, what to check and what's new on the market. Stay safe on the water, know your life jacket! #beamaverick #teammaverick #followthestory #spinlock

Fancy seeing our underwear?

You asked to ook at our underwear and we listened! Take a rare tour below deck with Kees Postma to see how our foils are deployed, how our prop is retracted, where we eat, sleep, navigate and generally live onboard. It's a never seen before sneak peak below deck, check it out!

Our Palermo-Montecarlo race highlights

Palermo-Montecarlo was our second race since splashing earlier this year with a great result at 4th over the line. Check out this video for all the action in the run up to and during race start as our crew learn to fly on our unique DSS enabled yacht. #beamaverick

Skipper Olly gives an insight into the crews goals ahead of the Palermo-Montecarlo race

Meet the crew behind the Maverick

Skipper of the new Infiniti 46R, Olly Cotterell, talks to us about learning to sail this unique yacht with Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS). Starting from scratch with an up and coming crew and hitting the racing circuit for the first time. Follow the story here! #TeamMaverick #FollowTheStory #HCMedia

Eric Holden, Sail Canada's Rolex Sailor of the year, takes us through what it takes to keep Yacht Maverick safe and fast out on the water.

Meet the crew behind Yacht Maverick: Professional sailor Kees Postma gives an insight into the crews thoughts and ambitions ahead of their first race with the new and unique Maverick, an Infiniti 46R racing yacht with twin Dynamic Stability System foils.

Doyle Sails New Zealand's Matt Bridge joins us here at Team Maverick for our 1st offshore race - giving a little insight into the cool technology behind Mavericks unique sails! ‪ Video by Hannah Cotterell Media #‎followthestory‬ ‪#‎doylesailmakers‬ ‪#‎teammaverick‬ ‪#‎beamaverick‬

Sea trials and crew training, taming our DSS foils...

Team Maverick training ahead of the Giraglia Rolex Cup, their first offshore race of the 2016 racing season.

Maverick is an Infiniti 46R designed by DSS creator Hugh Welbourn mainly for coastal and offshore yacht racing. For us a Maverick is about being unorthodox, original, trendsetting and independent, whilst acknowledging that even the most free spirits have a home. 

This is our first video clip from sea trial in France as we prepare for our first race! #BeaMaverick #FollowTheStory