Our official stats

Our official stats

These are our dimensions.

The full ORC certificate is available at www.orc.org. Maverick's ORC Ref is: FRA00004877

Our ORC 2016 costal/offshore time on time handicap is 1.3883

Our IRC 2016 TCC is 1.414

More efficient power

More efficient power

Unlike the America's Cup boats Maverick doesn't actually fly above the water. We are a little less ambitious but then we do have to sail in a much wider range of wind and sea states for extended periods of time.

In lay-mans terms this is why foils make a difference to a monohull yacht like Maverick.

Traditional planing yachts (those that want to ride quickly over the water rather than plough slowly through it) have a wide beam. The benefits of this wide hull form are that it provides increased righting moment which allows the yacht to carry more sail (power) when compared to a narrower yacht. The downsides of beam are that the extra width adds weight and wetted surface area increasing drag so that the extra power is not efficiently transferred into forward momentum.  Maverick has a narrow hull form, it presents beam to length more like a TP52 than an IMOCA 60. So absent the foils it will have less drag than a traditional planing yacht but be significantly less powerful.

Our DSS foils look a little like short airplane wings (no IMOCA moustache for us) and provide very similar characteristics. The foil produces both righting moment and lift. Righting moment without additional hull width allows the yacht to maintain more power than can be achieved by just its narrow hull form. By generating lift the foil allows the boat to ride high in the water, reducing the hull drag so that the extra power is used more efficiently.  These positive effects increase with speed.

We also expect the added righting moment will allow us to sail at reduced heal angles compared to a traditional beamy yacht.  As such Maverick has a single canard and single rudder further reducing weight and drag.  The lower heal angle allows the vertical foils (both those below and above the water) to work efficiently, reducing leeway and improving steerage.  In simple terms we expect to sail more efficiently in the direction that we are steering compared to a boat more on its side.

Comparison across boats on paper is fraught with complexity, however we estimate that on a kilo for kilo basis Maverick is 30% more powerful than a similar hull form yacht without DSS.  How that power efficiently translates into momentum is the story we will tell.

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