18 months from concept to reality.  Maverick, pretty much as first discussed with Hugh Welbourn and Gordon Key, is finally sailing.

Whilst Maverick is 14m long she has many of the features found in racing yachts twice her size. She is totally bespoke and lovingly hand crafted, a testament to the talents of master builder Dave Monks, his assistant Ali Bulut at CSC Composites, a whole host of craftsmen and a long list of suppliers. Building her has been a decent engineering challenge. We at Team Maverick salute you all and thank you for your skill, effort, patience and perseverance.

Having built a few things we knew the development of a prototype, the journey from idea to drawing through construction to completion, would throw up plenty of challenges. We planned and prepared carefully but still seemed to encounter every difficulty we could have imagined with a few we hadn't dared imagine, thrown in for “good” measure. As a project it tested our resolve and made us question or sanity, but in the end we have prevailed. Looking in the rear view mirror and with a healthy dose of perspective the emotional highs far outweigh the lows. We are stronger for the experience and hope that this holds true for all those involved.

Are there things we would do differently the next time? Quite probably. There are plenty of lessons we have learnt on our journey that would make us less naive and better equipped to manage the challenges of this process. However experience so often dulls the appetite for risk and the irony is that if we knew then what we know now there is every possibility we would not have started our journey. That would have been a far bigger mistake.

18 months feels like a lifetime, so all kudos to Hugh and Gordon who have been pushing the DSS concept on what must have felt like fallow ground for many years.  Thank you for delivering such a stunning yacht.  We will work as hard as we can to make sure that Maverick will do your ideas justice.

So after the toil we are ready to go and do what this yacht was designed to do; sail offshore fast.  We are all exhausted from the effort but now the real test begins, and the adrenaline is kicking in.

Team Maverick