A few years ago a recent university graduate stormed down a London high street. Freshly pressed dry cleaning in hand, the 22 year old grumbled down the phone, “What did you do with the trousers? No they’re not in there you must have lost them!” later establishing they had been left on the pavement for a lucky trouser-less pack of dogs, the young man attended his first interview to become a banker in jeans and a blazer. This youngster was called Andrew; needless to say he did not get the job. A year later he would become one of the youngest skippers to race a team of novice sailors around the world.

She is a Maverick and so are they, willing to try something new in the hope of doing something different.

Four years ago another young man was catching the tube on the London underground where he had landed his dream job in financial management. This commute would change his life forever.  Having seen a poster to race a yacht around the world, 20-year-old James picked up his phone and booked it instantly. “Some of my best decisions in life have been made in a split second,” James would later go on to say. From that moment his life would never be the same; and so the meeting of a unique bunch of Mavericks would begin.

A year after these two events took place Andrew became the skipper of a 70 ft. boat that would race novice crews around the world, achieving a respectable podium third. James also joined the race as crew on a competing boat.

During their circumnavigation James and Andrew became friends along with Ivan, a wealthy entrepreneur who decided to join the race simply to see if he liked sailing. That should tell you all you need to know about Ivan right there!

“What if we did something different?” the casual, unassuming Ivan said to his friends over a cold beer, “what if we really did this? I’m going to build a boat with cutting edge technology, hit the racing circuit to see if it works and hopefully turn some heads while I’m at it! Are you in?” Not ready for their sailing adventure to end James and Andrew answered in unison “Absolutely!”

Now, none of them knew what it would take to build a boat or how hard it would be to even get to the start line. Over the coming years there were very tough times, long hours and late nights, but love for the project prevailed above all.

Team Maverick now compete in competitive sailing events around the world, combining a canting keel, foiling stability systems and a wide array of complex gadgets. When they started out they didn’t even know whether the boat would perform the way they had predicted. She is a Maverick and so are they, willing to try something new in the hope of doing something different.

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Author: Hannah Cotterell Media