We are currently past the halfway mark by a couple of hundred miles but more importantly, back in good breeze with incredibly quick speeds pointed more or less at the finish in Grenada.

How quick? for the past 12hrs, we have been the fastest boat in the fleet. We have averaged 14.7 kts for the past 6hrs. Our top speed in this time was 21.2 kts. All this achieved with an average windspeed of only 17 kts true..!

The conditions we are experiencing now are what we had hoped to get for 80% of the race. Unfortunately it was not to be this year however it has been really testing and ultimately very rewarding so far. We are learning more about the boat each day and growing in confidence by the hour.

Running a three hour, rolling watch system is working very well. Off watch down below is quite hot and sticky, with an odour I'd rather not describe. My greatest luxury at the moment is a pair of noise cancelling head-phones. Lying in my bunk, it sounds like we are in the midst of Armageddon until I pull them on and all of a sudden its like we are cruising at a sedate 7 kts..!

1200nm to go with similar conditions,

Roll on...