...is what we would have been saying on the 8th day, had this been an Atlantic crossing anywhere close to what we had hoped for. Instead, as I write this, we are 1,320 miles from Lanzarote and 1,567 miles from Grenada. Not quite halfway there in distance, but hopefully halfway there in elapsed time. Having said that, we are all starting to question this mythical phenomenon called “the trade winds.”

Although it is thankfully quite overcast at the moment, temperatures inside the carbon oven are starting to rise and during daytime off watches it is more comfortable to try and snooze on deck with some music in than really trying to sleep below deck.

My mission this off watch is to do an inventory of our Expedition foods freeze dried meals as we are getting a little concerned about how much is left now that the race is taking so long. We are definitely not going to starve, but better to start rationing now if we need to.

A massive well done to Olly and Eric for troubleshooting and finding a fix for the hydraulics as without this our result would suffer tremendously. Never has the deafening sound of the hydraulics powerpack sounded so sweet.

I had a great birthday on board yesterday thanks to many repeated birthday wishes from all the crew as I went on and off watch throughout the day, a stack of birthday cards, and a new Leatherman multi-tool from my wonderful girlfriend. Thanks to all!

Off to count some freeze dried!

Hakuna Matata