Newport to Bermuda race Maverick banner.jpg

This year Team Maverick will be entering their Infiniti 46R into the prestigious Newport to Bermuda Race. With them they will bring their unique, twin Dynamic Stability System (DSS) foils. This technology enables the yacht to retain increased righting moment allowing Maverick to carry more sail (power) when compared with a narrower yacht.

Maverick launched in 2016 and is the only yacht of its size to incorporate twin DSS foils. 

Newport to Bermuda is a 635 nautical mile offshore race. This iconic race is the oldest regularly scheduled offshore sailing event. The race's nickname is "The thrash to the onion patch" and the 2018 thrash to the patch will see Team Maverick hit the start line on the 15th June. 

With recent partnerships announced between Team Maverick and Zhik as well as the GREAT Britain Campaign, the team are hard to miss. With a large Union Jack on the mainsail, bright orange foils protruding from the hull and the latest Zhik offshore gear, this carbon fibre bullet certainly stands out!

For more information on the Newport to Bermuda race and how to catch up on all the action, check out the event website here.

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