Hey Team Maverick Fans,

Firstly a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nikki Curwen who sadly could not be hear today. We are thinking of you and know you would have loved this sweat pit.

Right and eventful 24hrs. Where to start.... Ah the first KITMARE... there we were going along at 16 kts or so in about 20 in the middle of the night (of course) when ping... the tack went. A bit strange as the kite is nearly new, has not been abused or used out of range. For once this was not self induced!

Now this was no big deal. At first I assumed that the tack release system had accidentally tripped however it soon became clear that a very neat tear had occurred and the tack was actually still at the end of the bowsprit. Very quickly we got the A1.5 on deck and set and were on our way.

Soon after this event it was reported to me that the engine would not charge the batteries. We deployed the hydrogenerator instead and charged on this. Unfortunately at some stage the hydraulic system inside the hydrogennerator that controls the pitch of the props failed and this would not work.

This morning Eric and I jury rigged/ magivered this so that it would work with a fixed pitch of blade. However I have just been informed that two blades have snapped off. We have two spare blades on board. I am currently trying to make as much water as possible while we still have power so that we have enough to get us comfortably to the finish. There is a high probability with both of our power generation capabilities downthat we are going to have to do the last part of the race "Dead Ship" All the power turned off... We need to save some power for Keel function and the odd comms.

We have passed five ARC yachts now. They must be a little in awe as we pass them at 16 kts to their7 or so. The Arc is fantastic but it is a rally for cruisers. They all had kites down as it was night etc. The nice thing about the RORC Transatlantic Race is that the yachts are form a racing stock and are pushed hard.

Anyway I have a lot to do... lets hope the words of Dr Seuss hold true

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."

Dr Seuss

Olly out...