Good Morning Team Maverick fans,

A little update for you...

I did some maintenance on the alternator this morning. The belt had been slipping and we were not getting the full 80Amp charge so were having to charge for longer. This uses valuable fuel and makes down below much hotter. An easy fix to get moral in the right direction because last night we lost hydraulic power.

The problem is not with the aforementioned hydraulic levels they are fine. It is a problem with the power pack. It seems the system thinks that the power pack (electric motor that drives the hydraulics) is overheating (even though it is not). There is a switch to bypass this safety feature but this does not seem to be solving our problem..

We have tried lots of things and are working on work around but the truth is if I do not fix this then we will not have hydraulic functionality for the rest of the race, this would drastically affect our performance on the water.

I am going to go back to volt meters and wrenches but will keep you updated.

Otherwise all is well on board and we had a good night in that we managed to keep moving in very light and fickle winds. Today the words of Samuel Beckett seem pertinent

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail again better."


Photo credit: Hannah Cotterell Media