Good morning Team Maverick Fans,

What a difference a day makes. I believe looking at the last Sked that we are currently the fastest yacht in the fleet, even faster than the mighty Leopard at this time.

From just before dawn the wind had been building and as a result so have the boat speeds. Currently as I look at the nav screen we are dong 14-15 kts in 17kts of trades. With the boat speeds going up as has the mood on board. It is a tall ask but everyone on-board is pushing the yacht hard in the hope of clawing back a position or two. We are firmly focused on Aragon at this point in time.

While spirits are up it does not mean life is easy. While the weather is warm and pleasant the deck is currently a car wash and you get absolutely soaked. There are two ways of dealing with this get wet and accept it or put on foulies and get wet sweating! I have elected for the former while other crew are electing for the latter. Good thing we brought the sudacream!

Down below is not much better with a cacophony of noise as th yacht leaps from wave to wave. Sleeping is very difficult as there is little ventilation possible (so much water over the deck) so you are nearly as wet with sweat down below than as you are on deck!

On the boat fixing front, thankfully all seems to be OK at the moment. We had a thru deck fitting leaking above the Nav station after it had to work hard for 1500nm so I managed to seal it with some sickaflex this morning. I am a big fan of keeping water outside of the yacht, especially near the nav PC...

Still life goes on...... sail, eat, sleep, repeat.... go big or go home.... A wave just washed over the entire deck the deceleration was awesome....

As I write this we have 1250nm to go to Grenada and talk has turned to what we are going to do when we arrive.... beer, jerk chicken, a shower!

Anyway Sean is making me some delicious Expedition Foods Custard and Apple so I'm off to get some.

Olly out!

Given that we are on and Infiniti 46R

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities"

John Green

Bring on the 65R!!!