Greetings friends,

The first week at sea is nearly at a close, and the next week looms over the horizon as we continue our race at a combination of breakneck and not so breakneck speeds. For any of those who remember my last blog, my eye infection does seems to be passing, but has been swiftly replaced with a secondary infection, so as not to upset the status quo, it seems. However, with a kaleidoscopeof 4 different drugs coursing through my system, I am beating that too, slowly. This predicament also gives me the dubious award of probably being the highest sailor in the race right now. Fun.

We've had some pretty epic foiling conditions recently, and possibly the most fun i've ever had on this boat, foiling at 23 knts in pitch dark, screaming through waves with so much spray that if there was any visibility we wouldn't be able to see a thing! It is indescribable, but the experience must be akin to driving a go kart down a waterslide in the middle of the night.

A couple shoutouts this week too,  namely to Ropeye and the chaps at Spabond for making some really strong stuff! Sleeping beneath the straining lee cloth containtng Sean's overhanging arse, I was worried I would get the full Irish if anything gave way, luckily it all held and I live to tell the tale. A sport for the claustrophobic, this is not.

Anyway, that's all from me today. I have some fitful sleep and questionable freeze dried to get excited about.