"You can take maverick out of the med but you can't take the med out of maverick"

Day 4 in the Atlantic, brought to you by bowman Piers.

Nothing is ever typical on maverick, including, it seems, the weather. A traditional transat this is not. The weather remains light and fickle, and we are making gentle progress across the ocean, keeping in touch with our larger competitors, but not quite at the furious 20knots we were promised! Having said that, the noise on deck indicates that our recent change to the jib top is reaping rewards and we may be seeing speeds greater than 10knots. though it could just be my imagination.

The outlook is set to improve, I'm informed by Eric, which I am certainly looking forward to as these first 4 days have been challenging. I've been suffering from a reasonably bad and exceptionally painful eye infection, which is making the daily routine of sleep, trimming, drving and eating all that little bit harder. It does seem to be improving though, as today I am able to open my right eye.

Anyway, looking at the positives, the weather is set to improve daily and we are always making good ground on the fleet, and toward Grenada.

thanks for reading,