1000miles broken!

Cause for brief celebration today as we broke the 1000nm to go barrier to the finish! we are positively hurtling to Grenada at 14-17 knts and have been posting the highest averages of the fleet, an achievement i'm pretty proud of considering we are up against 70-100ft competitors. i am weary of starting the countdown early but it does seem that the end is getting very close, and the potential for a race win has been discussed, which is making us push harder than ever.

in other news, my eye, whilst still infected and carrying more bacteria than some chewing gum on the floor of a public restroom, does seem to be improving steadily, maybe just in time for our arrival. it is also absolutely boiling here, the R in Infiniti 46R must stand for Roasting, as it is probably around 35-40degrees in this carbon machine as the sun from the clear blue skies beats down upon it.

thats all from me, and i daresay the next update you may hear from me will be at the finish, though only time will tell.