Good Morning Team Maverick Fans,

Some fun facts about Maverick:

  • Length 14.1m waterline
  • Max beam 3.9m
  • Weight approx 5300kg
  • Max speed achieved sailing 27kts (25kts at 110true)
  • Engine 40hp
  • Max motoring speed 8kts
  • Fuel capacity 70L
  • Range under engine 140nm
  • Water Capacity 60L (two tanks)
  • Watermaker 6L an Hour at 6 amps draw
  • Battery bank 150AH
  • Cooking facilities 1x "jet boil"
  • Toilet facilities ............ like "wild camping"

As I look at the above and at the race track with the yachts we are trying to hunt down / hold off I am thinking that we are sharing the same part of the ocean but having very different experiences. The cost of having a 46ft yacht that will keep up with yachts twice her size is the loss of any sort of luxury. The meal plan on Stay Calm and Maverick will be very different.

Today we moved from the JT/ GS combo in the morning to a J1. Unfortunately the wind backed (even though it was not forecast to). It has been slowly veering and easing as the day has gone on so we went back to a JT/GS and are now on our M0.

We expect tonight and tomorrow to be slow as the wind eases further as we push into a transitional zone (weak ridge before popping out in the trades on the other side). We are all very much looking forward to this and the increased progress this should entail.

As I have mentioned these light (but not too light) conditions favour the yachts with the longer waterline. We are working hard to keep in touch with Aragon and stay ahead of Stay Calm. We are hopeful that if the trades are strong enough on the other side we might get some foiling conditions that could see us start to make some ground on the front runners.

I must say that this yacht is fantastic, we still have so much to learn about her and this time at sea is really helping. We are very much experimenting with different combinations to see what's fast. I can't complain too much as we are currently doing 1.5-2 kts over true wind speed in a 46 ft yacht.

In other news I have used the calm settled dry weather to give the yacht a good clean out. We got all the interior on deck (4 self inflating mattresses and 4 sleeping bags) we then got everything dry and anti-bacterial sprayed the interior. It is currently drying out. We will also leach flake the jibs for compact storage in the hope that we won't be seeing them again after tonight!

Life on board is good at the moment and we celebrated Kees Postma's birthday today. We all had a tot of Westerhall Rum to celebrate.

The wildlife front has been rather disappointing but we are definitely in flying fish grounds now with a few strikes on the hull lastnight.

"Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure." Bob bitchen

Olly Out...