Sean RORC Transatlantic Race blog: Day 7

Somewherein the middle of the Atlantic...

All's well on the good ship Maverick. We're celebrating another birthday today with Kees turning 42 yrs old. Had our fellow crew Nikki been here, a third would have followed.. Hope you're on the mend Nikki and enjoy the luxuries of a birthday ashore.

I'm sure it's been mentioned in a past blog but our antics a few days ago were absolutely phenonemal! In 22-24 kts of breeze, we were hurtling along at a steady 17-21 kts maxing out at over 23 kts. I've experienced these types of speeds before but never so easily sustained. For hours on end we were like a little carbon pinball, careering through a somewhat bumpy machine!

We are well and truly in our routine now; wake up, rehydrate a bag of granola and rasberries, pull on some wet gear, get on deck for a 3-hr watch. Come off watch, rehydrate some lunch (1000 calorie bag of sweet and sour chicken today) and try and get a quick siesta before next watch. This continues relentlessly through sunsets, sunrises, sails go up, sails go down, trim on and ease. Every so often we catch a glimpse of the Nav computer and get reminded of the scale of the Atlantic...roll on!