Day 4
27 57.6N
024 57.1W
16:53 UTC

Good evening Team Maverick fans,

I hope this blog finds you well. We are truly settled on the yacht now. The watch systems are working, the hot bunking system is operating flawlessly and the miles toward Grenada are finally falling. We have elected to take a westerly route. We are pushing west in th hope of pushing through a weak cold front the day after tomorrow or so. This should bring with it a significant wind shift allowing us to start making some decent southing.

The trip has not been without its work. There was a hydraulic lock on the watermaker that i had to figure out. The good news is that it all seems to be working very well at the moment. Our hydro generator was also not working properly. This was a tad worrying as we only have 70L of fuel on board. We managed to "Power Cycle" the system and this seemed to reset its brain. This means today the hydro generator successfully charged the yacht while we were doing 10 kts under the M0 (Masthead Zero). The next issues was that I noticed that we were low on hydraulic oil (it had dropped in the reservoir located in the galley) this was not the case when we left port. After inspecting everything I found that there was a large leak from the keel ram. Unfortunately it appears the leak is from a hose connection that is not accessible unless you take the ram off the keel. (not possible at sea). Now because this is a race boat and weight matters the reservoir is very small. I am not 100% sure that we will make it to Grenada before the reservoir and our spare run out. This is not a safety issue as we can lock our keel in the center before this occurs. However it would be very poor for our racing performance so we have put a sock around where we believe the leak is in the hope of collecting the oil to recycle it and thus not have an issue. The final thing on my to do list today is to get at the alternator and tighten the belt. Our very powerful alternator puts a lot of pressure on the belt but currently the boat is being pushed to the edge so I am waiting for the wind to ease a little before I start this task.

Sailing wise it has been great. The wind has been more temperamental both in strength and direction than you would expect in this part of the ocean. We are regularly seeing big shifts of 30deg or so. This is keeping the crew on our feet. It is tough at night as there is no moon and no horizon so it requires a lot of concentration.

In terms of wildlife we have seen the odd bird but not a lot else. I think I saw a whale and we had a few spotted dolphins on the bow yesterday. We are obviously hoping to see more over the course of the trip.

Anyway I am going to sign off. I am going to cook chicken Korma on the Jet Boil then get some rest..

"If you have a dream persistence is the vehicle that will get you there, nothing worth doing is easy or it would have been done before"

Olly Out....