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Team Maverick agree partnership with Zhik as Official Technical Apparel Supplier

Team Maverick agree partnership with Zhik as Official Technical Apparel Supplier

Date: 12th February 2018
Article by: Hannah Cotterell

Sailing Team Maverick and clothing manufacturer Zhik have announce a joint partnership deal, which has named Zhik as Team Maverick’s official technical apparel supplier, kicking off at the 2018 RORC Caribbean 600 this weekend.

Zhik’s dedication to innovation in performance sailing gear provides the perfect synergy with Team Maverick’s technical engineering and radical approach to yacht racing. The partnership has been deemed a perfect fit with Zhik’s innovative approach to sailing apparel aptly fitting the Maverick ethos of shaking things up and challenging the norm, as the team hit the global racing circuit with their radical Dynamic Stability System (DSS) foils, never before used on a 46 ft. mono-hull of their size.

Zhik was founded before the Athens Olympics when it was noticed that the sailing apparel markets could do with a spark of innovation. There was clearly scope to bring in technically proficient gear to help athletes win gold. Since then, Zhik has not only achieved this, but combined it with a fresh outlook in styling. Top athletes around the world reply on Zhik’s innovative sailing apparel, gear that will be put to the test in the extreme conditions Team Maverick will be facing as they hit the offshore racing circuit in their carbon fibre bullet!

Zhik UK Manager Tristan Hutt added, “We’re delighted that Team Maverick has decided to partner with Zhik as technical apparel supplier. This innovative and ground-breaking yacht embodies many of our values as a brand and provides another great platform to push our gear to the limit”. 

"Much like the boat, the teams travel plans aren't taking any half measures and they have an extensive program ahead for 2018. To help the team perform at their best we have worked with them to carefully select a variety of Zhik gear that features new innovation for both cold and hot weather environments. Gear selected includes our new ZhikDry LT range, the durably water repellent fabric Avlare and our ultra durable Isotak2 offshore range. The team will next be competing in the Caribbean 600 and we look forward to seeing the team in action”. 

Team Maverick founder and crewmember Quentin Stuart also commented that, “At Maverick we are delighted to partner with Zhik. We share a passion for sailing and a commitment to innovation and quality, the perfect fit for our ethos and our approach to the sport.” 

The joint partnership between Team Maverick and Zhik will commence at this years’ 2018 Royal Ocean Racing Club Caribbean 600 in Antigua. This 600 nautical mile annual sailing event will see the team take on the varied and often unpredictable waters of the Caribbean, racing around a scatter of West Indian islands, an event where Team Maverick have unfinished business and will be looking to hunt down that podium position!

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Maverick RORC Transat skipper blog: Day 3

Maverick RORC Transat skipper blog: Day 3

Good Morning Team Maverick Fans!

Day 3 08:40 UTC

Firstly let me apologies that this is the first time we are checking in. As you will gather from this blog the race has been reasonably challenging thus far.

Next we would like to send our love to Nikki Curwen who had to step off the boat at the last minute for medical reasons. She put in a huge amount of work shoreside to make this journey possible and we are all thinking of her.

Our start was good. We hit the line soon after the gun with our GS (Genoa Staysail) and JT (Jib top) we did think it strange that everyone else had elected for a J1. Things were to become a little clearer. Most of the fleet were pushing inshore... It soon became apparent why, there was a mark inshore off Puerto Del Carmen. Whoops somehow we missed this in our planning... Thus having having sailed lower than the rest of the fleet we had given them all a lot of time on the course and we made the long tack inshore to round the mark.

Mistakes happen its how you deal with them that counts. As a team we focused on working our way back through the fleet. Luckily the mistake was realised early enough so that the consequences were not too bad. We rounded the mark just after Pata Negra and soon were working our way back toward the head of the fleet.

As we left the lea of Lanzarote we changed to a J2 and full main combination for what would be a 200nm beat upwind. This was NOT in the brochure. This is the toughest point of sail for a crew just putting to sea and there were one or two who were suffering the effects of the green monster but pushing through.

Anyone who knows the yacht also knows that this is our least effective point of sail in terms of rating. We have a strong rating but a small waterline so upwind into a short sharp chop does not suit us at all. However as I write this our navigator Eric is happy with our position in the fleet and is confident we will see more of “our” conditions.

Another unexpected feature has been the squalls. I think it is fair to say that this race is not occurring in a “traditional” Atlantic weather pattern. Usually you get at least a few after leaving before you need to worry about squalls. We we have been getting them from day 1!

Usually I am used to having a RADAR. This is a very useful tool for plotting the movement of squalls and it gives you an idea of their size and potential intensity. Unfortunately as is the case of many yachts this size we do not have it so we rely on the Mark 1 eyeball. This is made all the more tricky at night as there will not be a good moon for this race.

Anyway we have been hit by numerous squalls. We have seen 36 kts of wind in the strongest what we call “givers” and 0 kts what we call “takers”. We have sat wallowing after one but went foiling at 17 kts during another., you really never can tell! One thing is for sure though. squalls mean crew work and as a result we have already used nearly every sail in our wardrobe already! The crew have been working really hard and I am certain I can count on that continuing.

Anyway I am due on watch. The crew are well and moral is good. We are currently in great conditions making good progress under our M0. We expect the wind to ease over the course of the morning as we push westwards.

“A climb to the top of a mountain no matter how large starts with the decision to take the first step”

Olly out...